Recline In The Utmost Comfort of Stressless® At Smith Home Furnishings

This is the revolution in comfort and functionality.

Smith Home Furnishings

Here at Smith Home Furnishings, we believe you should relax in the utmost comfort and style — now you can with Stressless® recliners and sofas. Stressless® recliners mimic the essential body movements you make in order to generate real rest and relaxation. This is the revolution in comfort and functionality and Smith Home Furnishings has a full list of these exceptional recliners and accessories to choose from.

Smith Home Furnishings stressless black recliner

Not only are Stressless® recliners the ultimate comfort, they are the ultimate design. We guarantee a tailor-made design with the choice to choose which hue of genuine leather fits your home. Choose your hide and your hue to complement your unique taste!

It is important to us that you get the maximum level of comfort from your Stressless®. That is why we offer these models in two or three sizes for a personalized fit. We all know that we have different body types. You can swivel a full 360°, also both the recliner and the free-standing ottoman comes with our Glide system which follows your body‘s movement to provide perfect support and comfort. When it comes to comfort, fit matters. Your body will appreciate the difference.

Smith Home Furnishings Stressless Recliner

There is only one way to understand the complete feeling of total relaxation — we encourage you to come in to Smith Furniture and sit in one of our Stressless® recliners — then you will understand just how comfortable this luxury seating is.

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Summer Holiday Guests Will Feel Right At Home With These Luxury Items

While gearing up for June 21, the official first day of summer — it’s important to have everything you will need in order to house your friends and family this summer season. The summer is full of traveling, warm weather, and of course, good company — Here at Smith Furniture we have a long list of luxurious furniture that will be suitable for whoever may be coming to stay. Whether you need a deluxe sleeper sofa, or perhaps a relaxing recliner – we have everything you need to make every guest feel at home.

Maximizing on comfort, Smith Furniture has numerous sofas and recliners that will have you feeling relaxed and at ease this summer — we guarantee it! If you are looking for great furniture with an affordable price, look no further than our 4th of July Store-wide Savings event happening next Thursday, June 12th through June 23rd

Smith Furniture 4th of July Storewide sale

 Here are some ideas for helping to create a home away from home for all of your guests This summer!

Try this Zeth Sofa Sleeper with a convenient pull-out bed – this feature allows you to create another guest bedroom right from your living room! Save on time and space with a luxurious bed inside.

Smith Furniture offers Sleeper Sofas in three different colors to match your unique style

Smith Furniture Zeth Basil Queen Sofa Sleeper

Smith Furniture Zeth Denim Sleeper SofaAshley Sleep Sofa at Smith home Furnishings

Stressless® & Recline with Smith Home Furnishings

Stressless® living – it’s all about comfort

Stressless Recliners at Smith Home Furnishings

There are many reasons why Stressless® is the most comfortable line of furniture in existence. Smith Home Furnishings could tell you how each recliner, sofa and Occasional Table piece is innovatively designed, from the inside out for unmatched comfort.

Stressless Custom Recliner Sizes at Smith home Furnishings Ponca OKOr that Stressless recliners come in multiple sizes to fit all body types. We could also mention Stressless® is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association. But none of these things adequately conveys what the Stressless® line is capable of.

There is only one way to understand the feeling of total and utter luxury. You have to sit in one.Then you will know what Stressless® living truly is:the perfect fusion of support, beauty and function. Because when it comes to comfort, we are uncompromising. You, of course, will be the judge.

Save $300 on Stressless Sunrise Recliner at Smith home Furnishings Ponca OKCome into Smith Home Furnishings and experience Stressless® for yourself and decide. We invite you to appreciate it, relax in it, and know… you’ve earned it.

Now until June 16th you can enjoy an Absolutely Free Recliner or Sofa Accessory* with purchase of any Stressless Seating as a substitute for the $300 Off the Stressless Sunrise® in select colors.

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Spring Cleaning- Home & Furniture checklist

Bring the Fresh smell of spring into your home with a deep Spring Clean. We have great tips for your Living room, Dining room and bedroom that are sure to leave you feeling accomplished, refreshed, and ready and able to enjoy the outdoors. Let’s get started!

Living Room Spring Clean Checklist:

Smith furniture Spring clean your living room

Prepare for a Spring-Fete with a squeaky clean Living Room. Think ceiling to floor to conquer the entire room.

Take Inventory- Take a visual inventory of everything in your living room. Does it look cluttered? What a perfect time to store or get rid of extra unnecessary furniture, knick knacks, toys, or whatever is causing the clutter. Start making keep piles and throw out or donate piles. This will bring more attention to your furniture and interior style-This is a great time to see if you need to update any furniture pieces as well.

Dust, Dust Dust- Dust all your paintings, artwork, lamps, accessories, lighting and ceiling corners for cob webs and dust bunnies.

Drapes and Window Blinds- Depending on what you have you can Dust, Vacuum, or throw your window treatments in the wash. Dusting and wiping down can be tedious but you’ll see big results and it gets rid of the dust bunnies that cling to window treatments, that after a long enough period changes the coloring.

Wipe Down Walls, Baseboards & Door Frames- Get a bucket of warm water and microfiber clothe and wipe down everything. We know it’s no fun but it’s a once or twice a year things and you will really notice a difference- especially on baseboards and the bottom of doorframes where shoes catch and create scuff marks. If you have white trim a quick wipe down will make it look like it was just painted!

Restore Leather Furniture-Restore smooth leather with a leather furniture cleaner and conditioner. You first need to determine what type of leather you have- this can be found on the Tag. This will determine the type of leather cleaner and conditioner you’ll need.

Revitalize Wood Furniture- Use this recipe to make your own all-natural cleaner and polish: Mix 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and 1/2 cup of vinegar or lemon juice in a plastic spray bottle; shake well and spray onto a microfiber cloth. Use the cloth to wipe the table. Pay special attention to edges and any designs that may hold dirt. The vinegar and/or soap will disinfect as it removes the daily grime from meals and children. Then rinse the cloth well, give the table another good wipe down and dry with a new unsoiled cloth.

Clean Under Living Room Furniture- Grab a partner and move your sofa, chairs, recliners, tables and roll up area rugs, then vacuum the floors. Go as far as pulling out the hose and running along the crack of the baseboard and carpet. You’ll be surprised at how much builds up there. If you find your carpet is especially dirty consider getting it professionally cleaned- That goes for your Area Rugs too- You can take them to the dry cleaner or if you wanted to Spring up your space an Area Rug is a perfect way to pop spring change into your interior style.

Dining Room Spring Clean Checklist:

Smith Furniture dining Room Furniture spring cleaning

The dining room can be the most formal room in the house and tend to be the catch all for clutter. Let’s bring your dining room back to life. Many of your living room checklist items above apply to your dining room as well- so let’s get after this next room!

Once Again Take Inventory- Take a visual inventory of everything in your dining room. Does it look cluttered? Well, let’s get back to the basics. Your dining room is meant to host dinner parties and have a sit down meal with the family. So let’s make those piles again- Keep and throw away or donate. Then get rid of the thrown out or donate pile and store or move the Keep items to a better place.

Dust- Dust all your ceiling corners for Cob webs. Dust paintings, artwork, lighting, accessories, China Cabinets & Buffet, and anything else that has a surface that will catch dust.

Drapes and Window Blinds- Depending on what you have you can Dust, Vacuum, or throw your window treatments in the wash. Dusting and wiping down can be tedious but provides big results and gets rid of the dust bunnies that cling to window treatments, which over time can change the coloring.

Wipe Down Walls, Baseboards & Door Frames- Get a bucket of warm water and microfiber clothe and wipe down everything. We know it’s no fun but it’s a once or twice a year things and you will really notice a difference- especially on baseboards and the bottom of doorframes where shoes catch and create scuff marks. If you have white trim a quick wipe down will make it look like it was just newly painted!

Dining Set Care- Let’s first take into account what you have- Wood Table or Dining Set, Upholstered chairs? For your wooden pieces and sections use this homemade recipe to bring out the rich look again: Mix 1/2 teaspoon of olive oil and 1/2 cup of vinegar or lemon juice in a plastic spray bottle; shake well and spray onto a microfiber cloth. Use the cloth to wipe the table. Pay special attention to edges and any designs that may hold dirt. The vinegar and/or soap will disinfect as it removes the daily grime from meals and children. Then rinse the cloth well, give the table another good wipe down and dry with a new unsoiled cloth. For Upholstered Chairs it’s best to have them professionally cleaned unless you have read the upholstery tag for cleaning and were very careful. It’s easy to leave water stains if done incorrectly.

Bedroom Spring Clean Checklist:

Smith Furniture spring Cleaning

It’s easy to close the door and think “I’ll get back to this later.” Well it’s later and time to bring your bedroom back to comfort and style that’s all your own. Let’s get right into your Bedroom Spring Cleaning Checklist.

Dressers and Armoires- Try on Clothes and donate those items that don’t fit or that you no longer wear. Take your bulky winter clothes and make sure everything is clean then pack them away. The big Ziploc Clothes bags are great space saver and keep your clothes protected.

Bedding- Strip your entire bed and wash or professionally dry-clean blankets, comforters, mattress pads, pillows and bed skirts. If you have lighter bedding set for warmer months, pull those out to wash as well then store your heavier bedding. Spring’s also a great time to make some décor changes with throw pillows and accent colors.

Mattress- Rotate your mattress. If it’s 10 or more years old or the old flip style, consider purchasing a new mattress. At Smith Home Furnishings we have a great Mattress Selection and Smart Prices.

Wipe Down Walls, Baseboards & Door Frames- Get a bucket of warm water and microfiber clothe and wipe down everything. Include Light switches, vents, and plugs.

Congrats! Take a look around and see and smell the amazing difference. Now plop down and enjoy your hard work!

For any Furnishing updates you need during or after your Spring Cleaning conquer, Come pay us a visit. We have a great selection with a low price guarantee and are very happy to help find your style to bring it all home.

Smith Home Furnishings Living Room Hot Buys & Why

Your living room is where family gathers, you find entertainment, and relax after a long day at work. We have Living room furniture hot buys this month that will upgrade or complete your family space without breaking the bank, Why?- Because you’re Gonna Pay less! Everything from Sofas, Sectionals, Entertainment Centers, TV stands, and recliners are on sale with 48 Months Special Financing Available, Plus Free delivery; and we are featuring a few in this month’s blog.

Our first item is the main seating of your living room , Your sofa. In our hot Living Room buy this month, we are featuring Our Durablend Java Sofa.

Smith Home Furnishings Sale


This Plush Stuffed Contemporary Styled Sofa is the cozy comfort that will win the approvals of all your friends and family and your wallet will thank you too! At just $369.99 during this month’s sale you’ll have enough left over to host more than a few March Basketball Games.

On top of a spectacular price, we are offering 48 months Special Financing Available, Plus Free Delivery all in time for game day!

Our Second Living Room Furniture Hot buy & Why item is for the individual comfort seekers. This Month we are featuring our La-Z-Boy Joshua Rocker Recliner.

MSith Home furnishings Sale- La-Z-Boy Recliner Living Room Furniture

This Rocker Recliner is basic yet classic with a chaise seat, padded arms, tiered back style and rocking ability. This style provides clean lines and exceptional comfort for one. It’s easy to kick your feet up to $300 savings, No money down, 48 months Special Financing Available, and free delivery.

All of these exceptional offers are going on now at Smith Home Furnishings in Ponca City, OK.

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3 Easy Steps to Make Your Bedroom Where You LOVE To Go

Your Bedroom should be the place you go to retire for the night, relax, wind down, and feel at ease by yourself or with your loved one. After all you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping; why not make your sleep haven heavenly!

With so much that can go into creating your perfect bedroom space, let’s start with 3 easy steps to get you going in the “Love my bedroom” direction.

Your Bedroom Set; Pieced or Poised?

Smith Bedrom Set juararo-queen-poster-storage-footboard

When is the last time you bought bedroom Bedroom set pieced togetherfurniture? If it’s the “starter set” or pieced together set you thought you would update 7 years ago, here is your nudge to go for it now!

Your bedroom furniture is the single most important part of your bedroom- It reflects your style and personality to make it your own personal space; and that heavenly haven you desire. Not to mention, it’s the main focal point of the room and the arrangement creates the flow and ambiance to your romantic getaway.

There is a lot that goes into choosing the right bedroom furniture set; style, comfort, functional needs… and the list goes on, but let’s keep this as relaxed as your bedroom is going to be.

At Smith Home Furnishings we have a complimentary in-home design service. Our designer’s purpose is to guide and help you discover  your style, budget, and needs; along with gathering full room measurements to ensure the pieces you select will work for your space. Having someone there to help make a big purchase decision like a bedroom set is always more comforting- Having an interior designer match your style is the assurance you need to “LOVE it”.

Look Around; What’s On Your Walls?

Smith Bedroom Furniture Set

Now that you have decided on your bedroom furniture set, lets accentuate and accent with wall colors, curtains, and memories. If you’re going for a more relaxed light hearted feel try these color combinations.



White Hues Bedroom Decor


White Hues- Layering complimentary tones of white, cream and light beige with sheer curtains provides a bedroom that feels like a day dream and not a hospital.


Purple Bedroom Decor


Purple Passion- Use it as an accent in your bedding, on your walls, and/or with your bedroom accessories. Really you can’t go wrong with pops of purple unless your partner doesn’t approve.


Orange Bedroom Decor


Natural Neutrals- Bring the outdoor colors and refreshed feel into your bedroom with warm and cool neutrals. For an updated feel experiment with an accent wall color- think  slate blue, bronzy orange, or golden Yellow.


With just a few wall color ideas to get you thinking; you can’t forget about the accessories and memories hanging on your walls. If mixing and matching isn’t your area of expertise, take a look at your bedroom furniture set and find frames that match the style to either compliment the color or match the color of your bedroom set. Then place family photos or relaxing positive quotes and its ready to hang and admire.

Your bedroom is about privacy. Curtains can be one of the last decorating items but should’t be an afterthought. Again, Smith’s Interior- Designer is here to help put it all together. You need to think about what your window or windows face. If your bedroom faces a road, sheer curtains may not be the answer unless paired with blinds. consider the functional needs of your curtains and the colors in your room to match and compliment.

Your Mattress; Personalized or Plain Uncomfortable?

Compare Smith Mattresses

Your Mattress is the most functional piece Find the Right Mattress at Smith Home Furnishings in your bedroom. It’s the purpose of your bedroom and what you spend 1/3 of your life drifting and dreaming away on. The ultimate luxury bedroom sweet has the mattress to go with it and your mattress should fit both you and your partner perfectly.

The best way to decide what mattress is for you is to simply spend an afternoon to test a few out. Smith Home Furnishings friendly staff is also very helpful when choosing the right mattress. They are very knowledgeable about each of their mattresses to understand your needs and help narrow down to the three that might work best. Then simply give each mattress the 15 minute test. Spend 5 minutes on each side and your back with your partner next to you doing the same to see if the mattress is comfortable, to your liking, and the firmness you require to support problem areas.  To make it pure luxury you have adjustable bed frame options, perfect for reading at night, watching a movie or even better breakfast in bed.

We hope this helps guide you in the right direction to make your bedroom where you LOVE to go!

Buy Your Perfect Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Sofas may get a bad rap but they’re lifesavers for small spaces – or any home that is expecting guests and don’t have a dedicated guest room or have lots of guests at one time. Dive in and understand your needs for your next Sleeper Sofa purchase and you will be sure to end up with your perfect match.

smith home furnishings angle-sleeper-sofaHow much room do you have?

First and foremost you will need to understand the dimensions of the space you want to put your sleeper sofa. Not only do you need to take into account the largest width you can manage, but also the largest length for when the mattress is pulled all the way out. Another tip is to measure your doorway to the room you want to put your sleeper sofa in… after all no matter how perfect it is, if you can’t get it through the door it won’t work. There are three mattress sizes that are typical and most popular; queen, full, and twin.

The most common size for the bed in a sleeper sofa is queen size. Generally, a queen size sofa bed seats three as a sofa and is around 84 inches wide. Opened up, the mattress is typically around 60 inches wide and 72 inches long. Remember that you also need room to maneuver around the sleeper when open, as well as clearance for other furniture in the room.

If you don’t quite have enough space for a queen sleeper then look into a full mattress sleeper. The sofa is generally between a loveseat and sofa size, less than 72 inches wide. Opened up to a bed, the mattress will be around 52 inches wide, 72 inches long.

Now if you can’t make a full size work, don’t fret there are twin sizes out there too. These are best for children, but hey if it’s all you can fit into your small space it’s better than nothing and still comfortable. As a sofa, these are the size of a larger chair or small loveseat, usually around 54 inches wide or even smaller. Opened up, the mattress will be around 39 inches wide, 72 inches long.

How will you use your sleeper sofa? SMITH homefurnishings  nancy-queen-sleeper-sofa

Will your sleeper sofa primarily be a sofa with guests once or twice a year? Or is this your main guest space? The more frequent you expect to use your sleeper sofa as a bed, the more important the quality of the mattress becomes.

The typical mattress in a sofa bed is fairly thin, often just a few inches thick. If cost is an issue and the bed will be rarely used, you can probably get away with the basic mattress. If the bed will be used with any regularity or your budget allows an upgrade, your guest will thank you. Read through the different types of sleeper mattresses to see what might be best suited for you and be sure to ask Smith Home Furnishings Showroom Staff about each type.

  • A memory foam mattress, which molds and supports your entire body comfortably, with no pressure points or stiffness
  • An air mattress, which can be inflated to the desired firmness, and gives support without putting pressure on joints
  • A traditional spring mattress, perfect if you want the feel of a traditional bed
  • High-end sleeper sofas often have frames designed to support the mattress, without the dreaded support bar running down the center

How to choose the right durability!

Most everyone in their lifetime has pulled out a sleeper sofa so you know there is extra wear and tear just by the functionality of the sofa. So to be sure you ask the right questions on durability that will last- consider this;

Your sofa sleeper should have a kiln-dried hardwood frame or combined hardwood and furniture-grade plywood. Soft wood like pine just isn’t durable enough to last and likely will force you to shop for a replacement sofa long earlier than you had anticipated.

The frame and opening mechanism in most sleepers is made of steel. When pulling out the mattress or folding it back inside, the mechanism should be smooth and easy, with no sticking, screeching or excessive effort required. Make sure to open and fold up the mattress several times on the showroom floor to make sure it’s right for you. If you have a hard time in the store it won’t get any easier when bringing it home. Additionally the frame should be smooth, without rough edges that could rip linens, damage the mattress or scratch your guests.

And like any sofa purchase, consider your upholstery type- you will have the same range of choices a normal sofa offers. See how your current furniture upholstery has held up and what you like and do not like about it to help narrow down your choices. Any upholstery with a tighter weave is going to be more durable.

Consider the style you are going for and your current room furniture as your new sleeper sofa will be a major focal point in your room. Be sure to use Smith Home Furnishing’s Showroom Staff to help understand your style. If anything you will be talking it out loud to help discover your style and they will be able to lead you to options easier and help determine your best fit based on needs and style likings.

A sofa bed is one of the most practical pieces of furniture you can buy. Though your budget should always be respected, it is worth it to buy the best quality furniture you can afford, as well-made pieces will last much longer, look better, and provide more satisfaction than inexpensive, flimsy furniture.


Your Guide to Buying a Recliner

Buying a recliner doesn’t have to be difficult but will require some dedication. These days recliners come in many shapes and sizes, different finishes and with a dozen different mechanical options. But how do you find the right one for you- Take a seat, pay attention and prepare to welcome the newest member of your living space.

La-Z-Boy Riley High leg Recliner, Smith Homefurnishings stellar-comfort-collection-uc550-l Stressless Tampa Recliner

What does your room look like?

Think about where your new recliner will be placed in the home and the design appeal you are going for, Casual, Traditional, Contemporary, or Transitional? If you want a sleek look consider leather with wood accents like Stressless brand offers; and secondly consider the size of space you want to put your Recliner. Some recliners are larger than others, or have a much wider range of motion and you don’t want to end up beating up the walls around. If the chair is to be placed in the center of a large room, think about a unit that swivels in order to meet any conversation angle. Or if the recliner is going to be nestled into a snug and stately room, be sure to consider a piece with hidden controls and a shorter range of motion like a foot raise option with a fixed back.

How do you measure up?

Now that you have an idea of the style and room space you have for your new recliner; you will need to decide who is going to be using the recliner the most. Get their height and weight measurements to narrow down the options that would suit their frame. Really, this person should be the one testing out the recliners and choosing, but if it’s a gift that’s not always possible. Keep in mind, the comfort of the recliner is directly associated to the users measurements.

Features, Features, and more features!

The options for motion furniture, or recliners and reclining sofas, are nearly endless. In addition to the traditional recline, swivel and glide motions, some recliners include features such as built-in massages, heating pads, cup holders, phone chargers, USB plug ins and even drink coolers.

When you are perusing furniture showrooms for a new recliner, make sure to thoroughly test out any of the electronic mechanisms included in a specific model. Some additions may be a bit too cumbersome for what you are envisioning in your home. Each mechanism should be very easy to operate and should be sturdy enough to last through the years. Above all be realistic in “if” you would use the feature. It’s easy to get excited about a feature like drink cooler as you think about game day, but maybe a heating option would be used more often after a long hard day at work.

Use the Showroom Staff!

At this point, you have a pretty good idea of what you need but you don’t have the working knowledge of all the products like a sale associate does. Don’t be afraid to use them, let them know what you want and ask for plenty of options to test out. They are there to help and know the additional questions to ask to help narrow down your best fit.

Contact a knowledgeable sales associate at Smith Home Furnishings with any questions that you may have when purchasing a new recliner.

How to Care for Upholstered Furniture

There are several steps that you can take to keep your upholstered furniture and fabric furniture clean, comfortable and looking great. Some of these furniture care tips may seem like common sense, but they really do lead to a longer lifetime for your upholstered furniture.

Vacuum Upholstered Furniture

Clean your upholstered furniture on a weekly basis, vacuuming both the cushion surface and underneath them. Dust and debris tends to collect underneath cushions. In order to prevent your upholstered furniture from becoming wrinkled and flattened during a short period of time, make sure to fluff and rotate the cushions on a regular basis. This will help slow unnecessary wear and ensure that normal wear is uniform. No one likes a lumpy cushion.

We know that too much sunlight will damage our skin and fade photographs on the wall, but it also can damage your upholstered furniture. Try to keep all upholstered furniture out of direct sunlight, or use window treatments such as curtains or blinds to keep the damaging rays to a minimum.

protect upholstered furniture It is also very important to keep your upholstered furniture away from extremes in temperature. Extreme heat can cause the fabric on upholstered furniture to become brittle and more prone to wear and tear.

All upholstered furniture comes with cleaning instructions provided on the manufacturer’s tag. It’s very important to follow the instructions provided to avoid unnecessary damage when cleaning it. The manufacturer’s tag will tell you what cleaning methods are recommended for your type of upholstered furniture. The below chart describes the current cleaning codes used by the upholstered furniture industry.


Vacuuming and light dusting recommended. You can spot-clean by using only the foam from a water-based cleaner (mild detergents or non-solvent upholstery shampoo). Spot test in an unobtrusive area; apply foam with a circular motion and a soft brush.


Vacuuming and light dusting recommended. You can spot-clean with water-free solvent or dry-cleaning solution. Must clean in a well-ventilated room and avoid any cleaning product with carbon tetrachloride. Spot test in an unobtrusive area.
Should be cleaned by professional furniture cleaning service.


Vacuuming and light dusting recommended. You can spot-clean with a mild solvent, upholstery shampoo or with the foam from a water-based cleaner. If using a solvent or dry-cleaning product, follow the directions carefully and use only in a well-ventilated room. Avoid any cleaning product with carbon tetrachloride. Spot test in an unobtrusive area.


Clean only by vacuuming and light dusting. Water and solvent cleaners may cause extreme shrinking, stains or disrupt the surface appearance.

One of the best ways to care for your upholstered furniture is to purchase a furniture protection plan like Protection 1st. These protection plans pick up where your manufacturer’s warranty leaves off. Manufacturer’s warranty guards against product defects, but a furniture protection plan can help you take care of accidental stains and damage to your upholstered furniture. Stains caused by food, pets, cosmetics or inks are covered for cleaning when a plan is purchased. Damage in the form of punctures, tears or burns can also be repaired under such a plan. Some exclusions may apply, but a furniture protection plan will help ensure the value of your furniture investment nonetheless.


8 Simple Autumn Decor Ideas

Autumn Home DecorAre you bored with the traditional fall and autumn color palette? You can easily achieve a beautiful autumn or harvest look without incorporating reds and oranges into your décor. If you have a very bright color palette already existing in your home, it may be a little bit more difficult to achieve a cohesive look and feel. However, neutral color themes are a perfect candidate.

Ironically, the vast majority of the traditional autumn and harvest trademarks are neutral in color. How brightly colored is a wheat field before it is cut? Or, a stack of hay bales in an old barn out of the rain. Over the years the colors of autumn and harvest have only been likened to the changing of the leaves and the orange of the harvest moon.

Autumn Home DecorA vintage or farmhouse look is a good replacement for the typical yellow, orange and red of fall. Try incorporating whitewash with gold/copper and natural items in conspicuous places such as the mantle or as centerpieces to begin your transformation.

Some great examples of natural or found objects that give off a good autumn vibe are:

  • Small, bare twigs or thin branches placed in a tall vase.
  • White pumpkins or gourds (these do occur naturally, or can be painted).
  • Twine balls, grapevine balls, acorns or corks placed in a glass bowl or jar.
  • Preserved wheat or corn stalks placed in a tall floor vase.
  • Large pinecones. You can dip these in solid colored paints or paint the tips. Gold or copper works well.
  • Burlap table runners, placemats or buntings.
  • Drift wood chunks in unique shapes.
  • Vintage newspaper or book page as wreaths or in plain wood frames.

Or, if you really do love traditional harvest colors try incorporating some of the above into your décor while using orange pumpkins and fallen leaves from your yard.

You don’t have to be a slave to the mainstream ideas for a holiday color scheme, and you can always make the decorating transition easier by incorporating your existing home colors into the idea. You may even love some of the autumn décor so much that it stays well after the season has passed.